2018 LASG Summer School on Climate System Model Development and Application Held

Weather and climate prediction increasingly depends on the climate model projections, which could be improved by developing the dynamic framework and physical parameterizations. With years' development,substantial progress has been made in models'resolution and parameterizations of different physical processes. Climate models have been powerful tools to both study climate changes and provide solutions to the scientific and social problems caused by climate changes. Development and application of climate system models constitute an essential part of the earth science research and actually one of the important directions in the international future earth research. The State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modelling for Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics(LASG), Institute of Atmospheric Physics(IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), plans to hold a summer school themed "Model Development and Application" during July 12-16 in Beijing.

1. Introduction to climate system model
2. Application of climate system model in climate variability and climate change research
3. Physical process scheme of climate system model

Lectures by invited speakers will form the core of the agenda. Plenty of time will be allowed for discussion about lectures and collaboration.

Date & Venue July 12-16, 2018 Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, Beijing

Please register online at: http://www.lasg.ac.cn/2018summerschool/user/En-Reg.asp
Registration deadline: June 15, 2018. We will not accept the participants without registration.

Grant Application.
We have limited funding to sponsor domestic travel (semi-cushioned berth or CRH second class train ticket) and hotel for students outside Beijing. We will not support international travel. The grant applications will be reviewed by LOC, and the results will be informed through email.

Kathy Wang, LASG, IAP, CAS, +86-10-82995221 wangcy@lasg.iap.ac.cn
Jing Pan, LASG, IAP, CAS, +86-10-82995265 pan@lasg.iap.ac.cn

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