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LASG successfully hosted two ESPA workshops
Source:LASG    Viewed:time(s)    Time:2009-11-20

LASG held two advanced workshops titled "Using Climate Model Output in Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation Research (ESPA)" in Nanjing and Beijing from 12th –17th November, 2009 as part of Activity 1 - Building Capacity of the whole ESPA project. 

This project is sponsored by Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC), Department for International Development (DFID) and The Economic and Social Research Council, UK (ESRC). It brings together for the first time a unique group of climate and climate impacts researchers from world-leading institutions concerned with climate in the UK and China, each with international reputations for excellence in research and training, in order to build capacity in using climate information within the expanding ecosystems services for poverty allevation (ESPA) community in China. LASG/IAP as one of two Chinese institutes (the other is Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) has participated since the proposal stage and had been actively involved in the whole project. LASG/IAP's main responsibility is to hold two advanced capacity building workshop.

More than 60 researchers across the sciences and social sciences in China joined the training which aims to build their capacity in using climate information (in current climates and future climate - from the coming season to many decades ahead) to enable them to better participate in the ESPA programme. Specifically, the workshop intends to introduce climate models and global climate change, recent climate change in China, uncertainties in global and regional climate projections, the PRECIS regional climate modelling system, Validation and calibration of RCM simulation for China, development of climate change scenarios in China and the use of models for impacts prediction. The workshop also provides hands-on sessions so that the participants can actually run and understand the models.



The inception workshop on 26-27 Feb, 2009 



Workshop in Nanjing



Workshop in Beijing



Academician Guoxiong Wu hosted the opening and gave a lecture



LASG director, Dr. Bin Wang, gave the welcome address



Dr. Richard Jones from Met Office gave the welcome address


Hands-on session





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