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Dr. Zhenhai Guo(Senior Engineer/Scientist/PhD Supervisor)
Email: gzh . AT.
Tel:  (86-10) 82995163
Fax:  (86-10) 82995172
Postal:  P.O. Box 9804, Beijing 100029, China

1982.09-1986.07, Bachelor Degree at Hebei Normal University in China
1989.09-1992.06, Master Degree at University of Lanzhou in China
1994.09-1997.07, PhD Degree at Peking University in China

1992.07-1994.09, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Reasarch Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, LanZhou, China 
1997.07-1999.07, Post Doc at Peking University, Beijing, China 
1999.09-2001.05 Research Scientist at The Institute of Low Temperature science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan 
2001.05-present Research Scientist at Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2010.10-present Deputy Director of LASG, IAP/CAS
2012.6- present, Deputy President of Huainan Academy, IAP

1. Atmospheric turbulent diffusion in the planetary boundary layer is an important physical process of weather and climate systems. Its parameterization will affect, to some extent, the results of the mesoscale climate or model simulation. Application of WRF and other mesoscale models in wind numerical modeling prediction, may lead to more prominent problem of parameterization. Therefore, in addition to daily wind values forecast, one of my research interests is to study forecast results in various weather conditions for the wind farm on the land, sea, desert, and the hilly and flat surface conditions, investigate the effect of the planetary boundary layer parameters on the results of these forecasts, and therefore to improve the parameterization of the planetary boundary layer. 
2. Another interest is to develop a wind numerical forecast system based on WRF. In order to improve the forecasting, I’m engaged in the studies of key issues that will affect numerical forecast, including developing feasible assimilation methods based on 4DDA or ENKF, improving the initial state of numerical models aiming at enhancing wind energy forecast skills, developing numerical models or statistical methods, and optimizing the results of numerical prediction to significantly reduce the system errors.


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